The Phaeno Science Center – Wolfsburg

The realization of this photo series was quite important to me. Not only because i could watch the building being built in my birthplace, but also because it was designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid – one of the most important role models during my studies of architecture.Her designs are fluid architectural artworks and I am not surprised that even her design drawings are traded as Fine Art Prints. The Phaeno Science Center is no exception with its flowing, dynamic forms and the fluid lighting concept. Interior and exterior surfaces are illuminated in colour in the evening and are in a constant state of flux. In combination with the dynamic shapes of the building, this is quite an impressive spectacle. The science museum was opened in November 2005. With its more than 350 mostly interactive exhibits, it makes science and technology tangible to children and adults alike. A unique architecture that has become another of Wolfsburg’s landmarks – besides the Volkswagen automobile factory of course.