The Iceberg – Aarhus

The warmth of an iceberg
Who would have thought, that the strength of an Iceberg is the warm and cosy atmosphere it creates? The residential complex „Isbjerget” built in 2013 on the waterfront of the Aarhus Docklands mimics floating icebergs of the north Atlantic. By using expressive, dynamic and futuristic shapes – which give every inhabitant a seaside view – the design resembles our modifiable times and reflects our diversified society. Light-flooded hallways invite you into the livingrooms of over 200 appartments. A feeling of security, well-being and warmth is created and social components stand out clearly: intermediate areas, small alleys and social contact areas. The successful collaboration of four architectural offices resulted in an prospective approach to urban development. There’s a new meaningfulness arising in the field which fascinates me (not only due to my background in architecture). In the series I captured the peace and quiet in the small residential streets just before sunrise in front of the smooth water surface.