Festspielhaus – Erl Austria

On a crisp October morning, I sit in my camper in the middle of Tyrol with a cosy, hot cup of coffee and look out the window. My particular passion for dynamic and futuristic architecture has led me this time to Erl in Austria.
Here, like a starship about to take off, is the Festspielhaus, designed by Delugan Meissl Architects and opened in 2012. I am immediately struck by the similarity to the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, which I have already photographed,.
The acute-angled, dark Festspielhaus forms a contrasting ensemble with the curvy, white Passionsspielhaus built in the 1950s.
The colours of the two buildings play a role in the division of the seasons. Thus, during its concert season in the summer months, the white Passionsspielhaus stands out particularly well against the dark mountain landscape, while the Festspielhaus tends to keep a low profile in terms of colour. In the season of the Festspielhaus, during the winter months with snow, it is the other way round.